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Wall Sconce Installation Instructions


Lanternland recommends that all Lanternland lanterns are best installed by a qualified electrical contractor who is familiar with your local regulations. However, if there is an electrical box in place where you want to install the lantern, consumers with electrical experience can install Lanternland lanterns.  

  1. IMPORTANT!! Make sure that all power to the electrical box is off before beginning any work. Generally this can be accomplished by turning off either the main circuit breaker or the circuit breaker that controls power to the electrical box.  

  2. If there is a light attached to the electrical box, remove it by first removing any screws that are holding it to the wall and then gently pulling it from the wall. 

  3. Unscrew the wire caps and untwist the wires. The light will now be separated from the wall and can be removed.  

  4. There will be three wires coming from the electrical box: one (1) white, one (1) black and one (1) green (or bare). These will correspond to the three wires on the lantern. Twist the like wires together - black to black, white to white and green (or bare) to green (or bare). Screw a wire cap over each pair of twisted wires. Push the wires back into the electrical box.  

  5. Attach the Lanternland lantern to the electrical box using the mounting hardware provided with the lantern. 

  6. If your lantern is installed outdoors, seal the mounting base with clear silicone caulk to keep out moisture.  

  7. Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.

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